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訊樂企业培训外包 ("訊樂CTO") 与  加能教育集团 (国际) 有限公司 ("加能") 共同运营 (请参阅。

訊樂CTO 企业培训填补企业业绩的差距, 即现有的卓越水平和理想的卓越水平的差距。 訊樂企业培训关注以下领域: (1) 部门战略, (2) 仆人领导, (3) 收入管理, 和(4) 服务管理。


10th Anniversary

Sloane Corporate Training Outsourcing

Sloane Corporate Training Outsourcing ("Sloane CTO") is operated in conjunction with Canary Education Group (International) Limited ("Canary") (please refer to, and


Sloane CTO intends to fill the gaps of corporate's performance in terms of the difference of the existing level of excellence and the desired level of excellence.  Sloane CTO focuses on the following spaces: (1) Divisional Strategy, (2) Servant Leadership, (3) Revenue Management, (4) Services Management.


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