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10th Anniversary


Sloane HR Outsourcing

訊樂人力资源外包 ("Sloane HRO") 是帮助企业客户将人力资源职能分包给訊樂作为外部供应商的过程。 当公司审查其业务流程时, 许多公司认为将部分或全部非核心活动分包给訊樂处理是有意义的, 便可讓公司更专注于核心活动或利润中心的人力资源活动。(Contact:

Sloane HR Outsourcing ("Sloane HRO") is the process of helping corporate clients (large corp or SME) to sub-contracting their HR functions to Sloane HRO as an external supplier.  When corporate reviews their business processes, many corporations consider that it makes sense to sub-contract some or all non-core activities to Sloane HRO to handle, and corporate can focus more on core activities or profit center HR activities. (contact:

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