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訊樂员工股票所有权计划外包 ("訊樂 ESOP") 是为了满足企业的需求, 允许员工或高管的利益与公司的利益和股价联系在一起。訊樂 ESOP 团队协助企业客户为其员工设计 ESOP 计划, 作为福利计划的一部分, 或在中期和长期内的高管薪酬计划。  (联系电话:

Sloane ESOP Scheme 


Sloane Employee Stock Ownership Scheme Outsourcing ("Sloane ESOP") is provided in response to corporate's needs in allowing the workforce or executives' interest ties in with company's interests and share prices. Sloane ESOP team assist corporate clients to design the ESOP plan for their employees as part of the compensation an benefit scheme or at time Executive Compensation in medium term and long term.   (contact:


10th Anniversary

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