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10th Anniversary

Sloane Outplacement Services Outsourcing

Sloane Outplacement Services Outsourcing ("Sloane OPSO") is provided in response to corporate's needs in adverse economic environment or unfavorable financial years which mandates retrenchment or down-sizing operations.   As a result, Sloane Outplacement Services will take care of the smooth transitioning of employees who are affected from these responsible clietns.   Sloane shall support individuals for transition to new jobs, help re-orient employees in the job market through offering practical advice, training materials and workshop, and may offer psychological support in certain circumstances.  (contact:


訊樂特设人力资源外置服务外包 ("訊樂 OPSO") 是为了满足企业在不利的经济环境或不利的金融年度的需求, 其中要求裁员或缩小业务的规模。  因此 , 訊樂外置服务将负责受这些负责任的影响的员工的顺利过渡。  訊樂支持受影响员工个人过渡到新的工作, 通过提供实用的建议、培训材料和工作坊, 帮助员工對就业市场重新定位, 并在某些情况下提供心理支持。 (聯絡:

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