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10th Anniversary


訊樂特设零售神秘购物者团队外包 ("訊樂 RMSTO") 提供服务审核、运营审查 、和多地点业务单位的绩效管理解决方案。   通过我们经验丰富的神秘购物者团队, 客户可以获得有价值的绩效衡量结果和改进建议。(联系:

Sloane Retail Mystery Shopper Outsourcing

(Multi-location Staff Performance Measurement)

Sloane Retail Mystery Shopper Team Outsourcing ("Sloane RMSTO") Provides services audit, operational review, and multi-locations business units' performance management solutions.    Through our experienced mystery shopper teams, clients can attain valuable performance measurement results and improvement proposals. (contact:

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