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10th Anniversary

Sloane Contract Staff Outsourcing

Sloane Contract Staff Outsourcing ("Sloane CSO") is provided in response to corporate's needs in planning, recruiting and deploying employees who works under contract for the client.  The contract staff is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay at a specific period.  The Sloane CSO team will help organization to meet short term goals in hiring contract stafff with cost benefits while protecting the contract staff's individual employment benefits.   (contact:


訊樂合同员工外包 ("訊樂 CSO") 是为了满足企业在规划、招聘和部署根据合同为客户工作的员工方面的需求而提供的。 合同工作人员是按特定期间的特定工资率雇用从事特定工作的。 訊樂团队将帮助组织实现短期目标, 雇用具有成本效益的合同工作人员, 同时保护合同工作人员的个人就业福利。  (联系:

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