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Sloane Employee Attitude Surveys Outsourcing


A dissatisfied employee may not disclose one's reasons for leaving a Company.  Sloane Employee Attitudes Survey Outsourcing ("Sloane EASO") is an useful management tools for business owners or managers to better understanding the competitiveness of the Company in terms of HR polices, compensation and benefits, corporate culture, performance measurement, fairness of promotion, career prospects etc.  Through Sloane EASO programs, companies can have better measurement of their organizational wellness and solicit rooms for  long term improvement. (contact:

訊樂深明不满意的员工未必會透露离职的真正原因 。 訊樂员工态度调查外包 ("訊樂 EASO") 是一种有用的管理工具, 可帮助企业主或经理更好地了解公司在人力资源政策、薪酬和福利、企业文化方面的竞争力, 业绩衡量、晋升公平 性、职业前景等。 通过  訊樂 EASO计划, 公司可以更好地衡量其组织的健康, 并征集可行空間进行长期改进。(联系:

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