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Sloane Ad Hoc HR Team Outsourcing

訊樂特设人力资源团队外包 ("Sloane AHHRTO") 是针对企业在 (1) 业务单位开业前的需求而提供的;(2) 合并和收购活动人力资源团队;(3) 特设人力资源审计小组;(4) 为救援目的的临时人力资源小组。(联系:

Sloane Ad Hoc HR Team Outsourcing ("Sloane AHHRTO") is provided in response to corporate's needs in (1) Pre-opening of business units; (2) M&A HR Team; (3) Ad Hoc HR Audit Team; and (4) Interim HR Team for rescue purposes. (contact:

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