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Sloane Payroll Outsourcing

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Sloane Payroll Outsourcing ("Sloane PO")

helps large corporations and SMEs to manage the complex rules and calculations of payroll,

leave, accounting, tax and retirement benefits etc.   Clients can have better reporting, processing and direct access to teams of Sloane PO experts.  Sloane PO is cost saving to many of our clients. (contact:


訊樂工资外包 ("訊樂工資") 帮助大公司和中小企业管理复杂的规章制度和工资单计算, 休假、会计、税收和退休福利等。  客户可以更好地报告、处理和直接咨詢訊樂工资外包专家团队。 訊樂工资外包专家团队为我们的许多客户节省了成本。


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10th Anniversary

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