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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


10th Anniversary

 訊樂招聘流程外包 ("訊樂 RPO")
帮助大公司和中小企业管理其业务流程外包 (BPO)。 訊樂的客户将其全部或部分招聘流程转让给訊樂 RPO 团队。   訊樂 RPO 团队是招聘专家, 他们可以帮助客户降低招聘成本, 提高招聘质量, 提高整个招聘处理周期的效率。

Sloane Recruitment Process Outsourcing ("Sloane RPO")

helps large corporations and SMEs to manage their their business process outsourcing (BPO).  Sloane's client transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to Sloane RPO team.    Sloane RPO teams are recruitment experts who can help clients to lower their recruitment costs, improve quality of hiring and the efficiency of the entire recruitment processing cycle.


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