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10th Anniversary

Sloane HR Restructuring Outsourcing ("Sloane HRRO") is provided in response to corporate's needs in after the company has changed in vision and strategy, or planning for cost saving measures. Sloane expert teams will assist company in advising steering committee and/or corporate HR team in formulating new manpower strategy, new plan, new manpower structure and manpower budgets in response to such huge changes. (contact:

訊樂人力资源重组外包 ("訊樂 HRRO") 是为了满足公司的需求, 在公司改变了愿景和战略, 或规划成本节约措施。訊樂专家团队将协助公司为指导委员会和/或公司人力资源团队制定新的人力战略、新计划、新的人力结构和人力预算提供建议, 以应对这些巨大的变化。(联系:

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